SkinnyMVC is a light-weight, easy to learn, "skinny" development framework for PHP that enables the developer to implement the MVC architectural pattern, while maintaining maximum flexibility and performance of the application.

Many frameworks may look very appealing at first glance because they seem to reduce web application development to a couple of trivial steps leading to some code generation and often automatic schema detection, but these same shortcuts are likely to be your bottlenecks as well since they achieve this simplicity by sacrifizing flexibility and performance.
Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP

SkinnyMVC is a light-weight implementation of the model-view-controller architecture. Unlike many other MVC frameworks that add a baggage of code complexity and tools that are not an integral part of the MVC pattern, SkinnyMVC provides light-weight code and lots of freedom and flexibility for the PHP developer.

MVC or model-view-controller is a software design pattern that separates business logic from data access and from the user interface. The model represents data and the business rules that govern access to and updates of this data, the view renders the model into a form suitable for interaction and the controller contains the business logic - the behavior of the application usually triggered by user interaction through the user interface (view).

>>> Download SkinnyMVC <<<


  • Only one PHP file to download!
  • Place skinnyMVC in your future project directory
  • Run php skinnymvc.php install and start working


  • PHP 5.1.0 or higher
  • DB Server (MySQL, Postgres or any PDO compatible)
  • Apache Web Server
  • Linux with root access. Windows should work, but is untested

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