SkinnyMVC is a light-weight, easy to learn, "skinny" development framework for PHP that enables the developer to implement the MVC architectural pattern, while maintaining maximum flexibility and performance of the application.


Add-on for SkinnyMVC



skSlot adds support for "slots" to SkinnyMVC.

"Slots" allow the one to fill a template with more than one dynamic zone.


skSlot is a single file plugin for SkinnyMVC. Simply place the "skinnyPluginSkSlot.php" in the "plugins/" directory.


To use skSlot, use code like the following in your template files...

 <?php skSlot::begin('head') ?> 
     <script src="/js/jquery.js"></script>
 <?php skSlot::end() ?> 

This would need code like the following in the layout file.

 <?php if(  skSlot::has('head')  ): ?> 
     <php skSlot::import('head') ?>
 <?php endif; ?> 
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